Dictionary decisions… [9751 musings; week #11]

20 Nov

In my last post I mentioned something about language evolution: specifically, how technology (among other things) has created a new lexicon (I was referring to the using of “IMing” for “instant messaging” as it was used in an article.

…look under “M” for “mwhahahaha”.
Image credit: Microsoft Office Clipart

Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds this interesting (for lack of a better word). A recent snippet on CBC’s  Lang & O’Leary Exchange had Amanda Lang weighing-in on the mobility of language (it’s at the 3:45 minute mark); this was brought about by  Oxford Dictionaries’ choice  of the word “gif” as the North American Word of the Year.

By the way, the British Word of the Year is “omnishambles”. This CBC news article fills you in: “Oxford says ‘omnishambles’ Word of the Year in Britain“.

Oh! and by the way: did you know “e-learning” (along with “group hug” and “mwahahaha” among others) was added to the Oxford Dictionaries in August of this year?

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