It’s November and that means….

06 Nov

…the annual Maclean’s 2013 University Rankings are out! I started my undergrad at McGill in 1989 (sigh…I know…). I was under the impression that was the first year that Maclean’s began it’s yearly foray into post-secondary assessment. However, I stand corrected: according to the note from the editors, 1991 was the inaugural year.

It’s funny how alumnae allegiance works. Over the years, McGill has often stood, if not top of the heap, pretty darn close. Does it matter to me that McGill only ranks highly in the post-grad medical/doctoral categories? Me, whose undergrad time at McGill was spent in the Arts Building (primarily in Moyse Hall–the theatre)? Not a bit. I still take solace and pride in the fact that McGill has the reputation it has even if as an arts undergrad I would probably have been better served by a smaller comprehensive school.

Why? Because not only did I get to go to McGill, I got to experience Montreal…need I say more?

By the way, after you check out your school’s ranking there’s an interesting article on teaching and learning (including the use of technology) in the post-secondary environment: “Is big bad and small good?“.

Check it out…

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One response to “It’s November and that means….

  1. liquid chillstep

    November 15, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    I came here searching for something else, but this entertained me regardless. Enthusing stuff!


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