‘Tis November…

05 Nov

Not quite sure how November snuck in so quickly! To that, apologies for the lack of posts recently: was busy finishing my Info Lit assignment for my class (oh! if you’ve got time check it out my guide to evaluating websites for middle-school students). As per usual, what seemed like a good idea at the time ended up being a lot more work (and time-consuming!) than I anticipated. But at least I was able to “hand” it in before the midnight hour! (Which was my date stamp for my previous assignment. Definitely wouldn’t recommend working right up to the 11th–or 12th, as it were–hour.

Last week, I had a job-shadowing opportunity at Conestoga College. It was a great experience: I was able to sit in on 3 separate library instruction sessions (presented by 3 different library staff), and had the opportunity to chat with several other staff members and managers about their roles and responsibilities in the Library Resource Centre. Definitely a day well-spent!

Also last week, I finally got Bliss (my horse) moved into her new digs. She’s now trying to make friends with her new pasture buddies. Don’t think she likes hanging with all the girls: I think the best friend she’s made so far is Tye, who’s in the boys’ field, so their relationship is limited to what can be shared over the fence. Hopefully, she’ll buddy-up with one of the other girls soon.

Speaking of horses…

The Eglinton-Caledon Hunt visited Elora yesterday to do a Parade of Horse & Hounds as a fundraiser for the local hospital. It was pretty cool to see downtown full of horses, hounds, and riders dressed in their scarlet coats. (By the way, no foxes were harmed or hunted during this event!)


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