Powering down…? [9751 musings; week #7]

15 Oct

Is unplugging the solution…?

Was (finally) perusing last week’s FIMS Graduate Bulletin (#310, apparently) and found UWO Professor Doug Mann’s editorial piece published in The Star titled: “Let’s Unplug the Digital Classroom“.

Did anyone else give this a read?

Professor Mann is pretty clear about his feelings on the [mis]use of technology in the classroom. And that I totally get. As a student, I eventually realized that in order to not be distracted by colleagues making ebay transactions, scrolling through Facebook, or playing online games, I had to sit at the very front of the classroom so as not to have to look at anyone’s laptop screen. If I were teaching, yes, I’d be frustrated by eyes glued to screens…and don’t get me started at having to listen to the tap-tap-taping of high speed typing of someone trying to finish a paper for the next class…

However, I’m thinking his final comments are quite controversial:

“Stop promoting Internet-managed distance-education courses: these are cheap imitations of the real thing. Digital technologies can be great delivery devices. But what they too often deliver has nothing to do with education.”

Any thoughts…?

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