Welcome back!

05 Sep

Supply teaching the first week of school…

Okay…so, here we are the first week of September and I’m already exhausted. Need I add that it’s only September 5th? So sad… The last few weeks have been crazy busy and at this point, I’m just hoping to live to Friday. Quick breakdown:

-Did something I said I’d never do: supply teach the first week of school. In French. For 4 days. The issue here is that I’m not a French teacher. True, I speak French but I’ve got little to no resources in French, nor have I yet taken courses on how to actually introduce a second language to a 10 year old. Did I mention that it’s for grades 4, 5 and 6 (which means planning for each grade). Because it’s the first week and there’s no teacher in place (they still have to hire), I have to do all the planning and figure out what’s were going to do. Did I mention it’s the first week of school? And that it rained on the first day so the kids had indoor recess?

-Final course in my MLIS programme started…at least I don’t have to translate anything into French.

-Bought a horse. Yes. You heard that right. I bought a horse. Her name is Bliss. (Short for “Chablis”)…so, have been spending time unwinding after French class out in the barn.

Anyway…this is just to say, welcome back; let the games begin!

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