What’s this about Twilight?

06 Dec

After last week’s class and petit-discussion on the merits (or lack thereof) of Twilight, I took Paulette’s advice and decided to read the book. So, off I went to the library on Saturday to find me a copy, which I spent the rest of the weekend reading.

And really, my strongest comment about it: I just thought the story would be better, ’cause my biggest hmmm…criticism of it: nothing really happened (until the baseball game bit at then end). I mean, I get the whole weak female thing. She really was a bit of a limp dishrag. But really, given the momentum generated by the books, I really expected a better story. I’m a sucker for a good narrative with lots of stuff going on. I know that. And I think the reason that I kept reading was because I kept thinking, something’s gonna happen and it’ll get exciting. But it never really did. That being said, I may read the next one just in case the action happens there…but really, I know my motivation but was this enough to keep all those swooning girls going. That being said, I was a little intrigues by the Cullens. They seemed kinda interesting. I bet action-type stuff happened to them…

As for Miss Bella. Hmm….well, at first I thought: Good Lord, girl: all that awkward, klutzy, hiding behind the hair bit, really? REALLY? Come on girlfriend, pull yourself together! But then I wondered, if that’s her appeal to ya girls: is she “every girl”? Is she the one that easy to relate to because of all the awkwardness that goes with the teen territory. Is she just saying what so many are feeling?

I also thought that the story presents better as a film than a book. Because, the visuals fill in the spaces of the story. Also, Forks almost is a character in itself so it’s presence would probably fill out some of the gaps. So, all those scenes of staring at Edward staring at Bella, staring at Edward et. al. will be made more, well, just ‘more’ by having the visuals added on. And thought I did see the film, quite some time ago, I don’t have a good sense of it any longer so may watch that again too.

As always…the ‘unrelated note’…

I was in Chapters today enjoying my eggnog latte and perusing the teen selection, when I noticed that “Go Ask Alice” is still in print. I guess that kinda surprised me; as did remembering that I read it so long ago. AND, the cover hasn’t changed either; it’s still the same one that I remember. Also of note, from long ago near “Go Ask Alice” (being by Anonymous and all) was a cache of V. C. Andrews books. So they’re kept in the teen section. Interesting.

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