Consuming conspicuously–Gossip Girl’s now shilling “Soulfully Sexy” pole dancing videos…

01 Dec

To further add to our conversation today on the blatant consumerism in Gossip Girl (et al.), check out John Doyle’s (the “TV guy” from The Globe and Mail) column from earlier this week…

The Globe and Mail’s TV Fashion: To Tune [In] is to Buy In

(On something completely unrelated, but makes sense once you’ve flipped to the article,  I can’t believe the Grinch was already on! I mean it was still November for Pete’s sake…Although, on further thought, maybe not so unrelated after all. In fact, it actually ties in beautifully with this discussion of consumerism: the fact that basically, as soon as the last Halloween treat was handed out, the Christmas marketing elves were in full force. Does the long retail ride to Christmas really need to start on November 1st?!)

Oh…and just in case you’re interested in doing something “soulfully sexy”…







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