Orca Soundings for Reluctant Readers? What about me?!

11 Oct

Ok…so, I’m beginning to think that I have the reading habits and interests of about a 13 year old boy…First, Jake, Reinvented and now this…

I’m digging the Orca Soundings. Or, at least if the one I read—Viral, by Alex Van Tol—is indicative of the rest, these are great little reads. I loved the fact that I read the book in about an hour. And really, it was all plot—we moved quickly through the storyline, although I have to say, I was bit disappointed with the ending, but then maybe that it didn’t tie up neatly is a good thing; life can be messy. But yeah, very conversational style in the narrative: a lot of short sentences to help keep up the pace and energy. Dialogue too: short, snappy…real.

Having just completed (along with Sarah) a lot (!!) of research on reluctant teen readers, I can totally see how these books work for the different types of reluctant readers: whether it’s the kid who says they don’t have time to read (but do have the skills), or the kid who doesn’t read because of a lack of skills, these books should appeal. First of all they’re short, so for the kid with no time: it’s a quick read. For the kid who struggles—not intimidating. I like how small they are too; really a “pocketbook”. This makes them easy to hide in your backpack if you don’t want to wreck your rep as a “non-reader”. Cool covers—very graphic, slick, and not childish. Also, having read the summaries for a few of them, they deal with the types of issues that teens could/would face. For example, Viral deals with what happens when the very real combination of alcohol, sex, and a camera phone come together in a perfect storm. I’m sure you get the picture…

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Posted by on October 11, 2011 in YA stuff


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