YA Firsts…The Outsiders

21 Sep

Have realized that it’s probably been at least (!!!) twenty years since I’ve read this book. Probably more…sigh…

But you know what? For me it held up incredibly well. And I’m so happy that it did; you know how it is when you revisit something from younger days, and find out that it’s not as big, or awesome, or shiny as it was when you saw it the first time…

I mentioned this already in the class, but my grade 8 teacher read The Outsiders to us as a read aloud. She cried when she got to the parts when Johnny and Dally died. I think a bunch of us did as well. I know we were older kids, but I remember loving it when she read to us. That wasn’t the only book she read that year, but it’s the only book I remember.

And it’s funny the things you do remember…

like the opening sentence of the story. For whatever reason, I’ve never forgotten it. Of course, it happens twice in the book, so no doubt that helps, but still. (Kinda like another significant opening line in a novel: “Where’s Papa going with the axe?” asked Fern…)

And the things you don’t…in my grade 11? (12?) year in high school, I wrote a short story for my English class. I remember part of it focused on the wrong and right side of the tracks girl/boy thing, and I specifically remember writing a line about the boy having green eyes. There was some significance to that (though I can’t remember exactly what it was now)…and then when I read the last line in chapter 8, Ponyboy’s comments about Cherry, “She had green eyes.”

I’m guessing, The Outsiders may have had an influence, no?

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