So…what counts as “reading”? (Does this?)

11 Sep

One thing I found particularly interesting that was mentioned in the readings, was the idea that it was assumed that only some types of text “counted”. That the teens didn’t think that materials other than “school reading” was really considered reading (like magazines, or graphic novels); that (in the Snowball article) one of the kids clarified that reading on the internet was considered reading because “there’s words”. (That made me smile.)

Additionally, I also found a bit of a disconnect with the fact that when reading behaviour is assessed, it doesn’t tend to include magazines, comics, graphic novels etc; the actual “stuff” that’s being read (Rothbauer article). The disconnect for me happens because when we start teaching little ones to read, we encourage the reading of environmental print–the print we find in our everyday lives (signs, menus, calendars, etc). Kids see it, identify with it (“McDonalds!”) and it’s an entry point into reading. I see magazines, graphic novels, comics, IM, etc. as examples of environmental print of the ya-ish years, so why aren’t these formats encouraged/accepted/acknowledged? (Even by the readers!?)

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